The Alternate Digital Collection
live 1986 1993 Scheveningen

GOLDEN EARRING LIVE 1986-1993 (Scheveningen beach)

 1 DVD
 148 min.
***** Excellent Stereo VHS copy

Chapter 1: Scheveningen 18 July 1986 beach concert highlights: 
Mission Impossible 
Quiet Eyes
When The Lady Smiles
Why Do I?
Please Go / Back Home / Buddy Joe
Twilight Zone

Chapter 2: Live hits (KRO-tv) 1989 highlights:

She Flies On Strange Wings
Please Go / Sound Of The Screaming Day / Bombay
Kill Me (Ce Soir)
Buddy Joe
Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart

Chapter 3: Geen C te hoog (KRO-tv) 1991: 

Making Love To Yourself
Going To The Run (+reprise)

Chapter 4: Scheveningen 12 June 1993 beach concert highlights:

Another 45 Miles
Weekend Love
As Long As The Wind Blows
Twilight Zone
Just Like Vince Taylor
Turn The World Around
Going To The Run
When The Lady Smiles
Long Blond Animal
I Can't Sleep Without You (+reprise)